Kinkhead Creations is the brainchild of a non-child who just happens to draw like a child. We bring you various creative websites for your amusement. Our current websites are:


Postcards From Tipsy

Tipsy the otter and her best friend Mr. C. Cow are living the life while driving their camper across the world. When Tipsy isn’t stopping Mr. C. from licking doorknobs or trying to buy YET ANOTHER milk can she’s sending postcards to all of her friends.


LokeMoon Gaming

Youtube channel dedicated to video game play-throughs.


Coming Soon! 

Lizzy Zilla will be returning February 2020. Cartoons about a giant lizard just trying to make it in a small world.

TipsyLoke will premiere January 2020. A live twitch stream collaboration between “LokeMoon Gaming” and “Postcards From Tipsy”. Will feature live tabletop gaming as well as a few other surprises.