Kinkhead creations was made to tie together all of our creative projects/websites/shindigs (we just wanted to use the word “shindig”) together in one place.

Postcards From Tipsy

The idea of Mr. C. Cow has been around for over 13 years and transferred to stories on the web over 6 years ago. “Tipsy” Cerulean was created in 2003 and together they have evolved into two best friends traveling the world in their camper. (Who knew an otter AND a cow could drive!??!!??) We try to combine real life photography, drawings, and the use of virtual worlds to create a story. Come. See. Get a postcard!

LokeMoon Gaming

Youtube channel dedicated to various types of video game play-throughs.


Coming Soon!

Lizzy Zilla will make a return February 2020. The story of a gigantic cartoon lizard trying to make it in a small world

TipsyLoke will premiere in January 2020. A twitch channel dedicated to live streaming tabletop games as well as a few surprises.

Contact Information

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