Kinkhead creations was made to tie together all of our creative projects/websites/shindigs (we just wanted to use the word “shindig”) together in one place.

Lizzy Zilla

This has evolved from a 20+ year project to (finally) her own online comic. Lizzy is a GIGANTIC lizard trying to live her life like the rest of us. Which is kinda hard when you’re larger than a building and can breath fire.

Updates every Sunday.

Postcards From Tipsy

The idea of Mr. C. Cow has been around for over 13 years and transferred to stories on the web over 6 years ago. “Tipsy” Cerulean was created in 2003 and together they have evolved into two best friends traveling the world in their camper. (Who knew an otter AND a cow could drive!??!!??) We try to combine real life photography, drawings, and the use of virtual worlds to create a story. Come. See. Get a postcard!

Updates every Tuesday and Thursday.

Marslean’s World

Marslean is one of the amazing contributors to Kinkhead Creations. Her  website is dedicated to how she sees the world through photos. To see the world the way someone else sees it is truly inspiring.

 Updates every Wednesday. 

If you feel you need to send us a message  you can always reach us at kinkheadcreations@gmail.com

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